Claire Q (eskoala) wrote,
Claire Q

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The Sims

I've just made a sim Claire, Dan, Kit, Paul and Bryn. I was bored ok?
Dan and Claire hardly see each other because they work opposing hours, Kit and Paul are jobless bums who spend all day at Dan and Claire's or playing on their computers, Bryn has a tiny house and is a drill instructor. Dan's a website manager, Claire is a busker. It's a little true to life.

Claire keeps setting fire to the kitchen by trying to cook.

I haven't a clue where Kit or Paul are, normally they're here harassing me to do things by now. I miss them. Also I'm hungry and I want them to decide where I should go eat. I have to go to work at 4, hopefully the manager will be in and I can hand in my notice as planned.
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